Management Strategies Consulting

Management Strategies Consulting


The logical place to start when looking to improve customer service is to analyze and even visualize the customer journey and process map. A customer journey-map tells the story of the customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship. Whereas Process Mappings help to understand and document the internal business processes ensuring process simplification, Automation, KPI management, and Operational & Administrative Effectiveness.


Customers expect seamlessness across all touch-points. Aligning systems and process to orchestrate conversations that are consistent and relevant to the customer journey – across channels – can ensure business houses achieves measurable value.

Customer journey mapping is a discipline that allows business to step into their customer shoes; to gain valuable insights enabling them to improve the customer experience. Customer Journey Mapping results process automation, simplification, improvement, elimination of duplication and many more.


Bridging the gap on existing silos in Business, Operations, Systems, Customer Data, Process, Vision, Assumption, Goal, Metrics and overall Communication has now been more important to achieve the synergy and ROI.

Our team of expert at B.E. Cloud Technologies help you in designing and mapping your process, customer journey and overall operation structure and process.


Searching and Learning is where Miracle process begins. The Industry 4.0 demands a different level of skill set, culture and mind set. Having said that we at B.E. Cloud Technologies are driven with motive to run and conduct various national and international training’s and workshop on Customer Experience and Digitalization. With our various training’s and workshop modules we help our client to impart with required skill set required for the future work place.

Service is all around us; its every where we look and live. The world now should hold a common intention not just to resolve the problems, but to uplift the service standards and inspires others.

We are keen to collaborate and join hands together to set a Service Delivery benchmarks and standards in the Nepalese Business Conclave; and drive the CX Transformation Journey by creating CX professionals.


  1. Setting up service Standards and Key Performance Indicators
  2. Defining Service Level Agreement
  3. Monitoring and Measurement
  4. Contineous Improvement